Marine audio and stereo systems

Out on the water having amazing sound is part of the experience. At Xplosive Audio we understand how to safely and reliably install marine audio, stereo systems and other electronics on your boat to ensure outstanding performance long-term. We are San Antonio, Boerne and New Braunfels goto guys for marine radio installations 

Professional Marine Radio Installation

Marine Grade Electronics

Not only do we offer car stereo installation services, We also sell and install high-quality marine grade electronics with specifically engineered features that are suited for the harsh coastal marine environment. Many of our marine radio electronics feature epoxy coated circuit boards and vibration tolerant housings to better acclimate to installation on a boat. Our marine head units and remote-mounted controllers are IPX certified for resistance to water intrusion, which means spills and splashes won’t ruin your time on the water.

We have many solutions to bring along your iPod, smartphone or other portable media device and connect it easily to the boat’s marine audio system, either with or without wires. We can add familiar sources like satellite radio, a DVD player or even a rugged USB hard drive if you have a large library of music files. Whatever your media choices, we can help bring it with you on the water.

We can construct and integrate subwoofer enclosures that blend into existing storage locations on the boat. This maximizes the usable space for passengers to move about the boat without worry of large speakers in the way. We treat all of our custom marine enclosures with multiple coats of resin to ensure an impenetrable seal against water and moisture intrusion.

We also offer enclosed speakers systems for use on wakeboard towers and on deck boats that lack locations for a traditional ‘installed’ speaker. These are great alternatives or supplemental speakers that compliment the open area of a boat. In short, we have the right products to ensure your boat plays loud and clear while on the water.

In addition to audio, we can install low-current LED lighting and specific accessories (such as hard-wired charging cables for your smartphone or tablet). We can install many types of LCD video screens if you have a closed cabin or location where watching TV or videos is an option. If it’s electronic, chances are we can install it on your boat.

Professional system design and tune

Installation of stereo systems in the marine environment has far different criteria than installing audio systems in a car. The spaces for marine radio application are more open, the equipment must be out of harm’s way and easy to service and the electrical requirements must always consider the ability to safely start and run the boat no matter what. Our installation experts at Xplosive Audio are ABYC Marine Certified technicians who have the requisite experience and knowledge to design, install and fine-tune a marine audio system that performs to the highest standards. We focus on efficiency, even distribution of sound and excellent balance of frequency response from the lowest bass to the highest highs.

We have expertise in marine electrical systems from batteries to charging systems and know how to integrate our installations safely with your boat’s existing electronics.

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DB Drive marine audio and lights

At Xplosive Audio  we offer custom installation of marine radio, stereo speaker systems in boats and personal watercraft – as well as cars, trucks, SUVs and ATVs.

The marine environment is extremely harsh on a speaker, with huge amounts of UV exposure and water. The acoustic environment in a boat is also radically different from a car or home environment. Simply painting a car speaker white does not make for a good marine speaker!

For the best in marine audio – Xplosive Audio recommends San Antonio, New Braunfels and Boerne look into DB Drive audio products.

DB Drive's marine loudspeaker systems and components are specifically designed and tuned for an open-air boating environment, ensuring phenomenal fidelity at cruising speed or while anchored at your favorite swimming spot. They have also been designed to sound and look great for a long time. Significant investments in salt-fog and ultraviolet test equipment have paid off with remarkable advances in materials to combat the harsh elements. DB tests every part of the speaker, not just the grille, to withstand corrosion and UV tests that far exceed industry standards.

DB Drive offers two series of marine speaker systems: M and MX. The MX-Series handily outperforms conventional marine speaker systems and is sized to work as a direct replacement for them. The M-Series products are maximum-performance, no-holds-barred speaker systems with higher power handling, a larger tweeter and greater output capability.

If you’re tired of replacing cheaply made speakers every year and want to step up to a quality marine listening experience, Automotive Concepts is here to help you make it happen.

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